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Since several years ago, game can’t be separated from out lives, sometimes when we stressfull we need something to refresh our minds, game is one of the solution for it. Whether it Traditonal or Online game is still funny, eventough many people so addicted with one game or more because we can interact with friends in game and can get our “life” again when we play a game.
Until now there is 2 type of game there are PC Game and Mobile game, initially people are more interested with game on PC with many reason like better graphic and more real for them, but world is not stuck in one position.
Gaming Industry growth so fast until now for a prove there is a system called E‐Sports (Electronic Sports) in gaming industries for professional player to earn from games, Playing birds help people to enjoy and earn real rewards while playing games.

Powering real economy in the gaming world

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Playing Birds is one of the largest and most successful online gaming portal,turning over millions each and every day. Unlike traditional bookmakers Contestsite provides a service which allows players to compete with other players.

Sports Contestting is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. When Contestting off the board a calculation will be made according to the odds on each event in the parlay. You will win the same amount as if you Contest each event separately and parlayed all winnings as you went.
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